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How do I load my gear on my UTTy?

A: The recommended method for loading the UTTy is from the bottom to the top.    E.g. for a hockey solution, hang your skates first on the lowest UTTy hook (by the laces or by the blades), then your shin guards, pants, gloves, etc.  Click here to view solution build

Where can my UTTy go?

On the Road

A: While on the road, The UTTy is purposely built to go in your hotel closet.  Hang The UTTy from the single PVC coated hanging hook, load your gear and if you like, close the closet door.  Your gear is now off the floor, out of sight and perhaps most importantly out of the immediate path of smell.  Of course you can hang your UTTy anywhere you like.

At Home

A: While at home, The UTTy can be hung in any number of places. E.g. in a garage, hang your UTTy on a wall mounted hook to get your gear off the floor and out of the way.  You can also hang your UTTy in a closet, mud room, screen porch, etc.  

The Outdoors

A: The UTTy can be hung from a tree branch, a car rook rack or anyplace else available to you.

Can I use my UTTy for other things?

A: You sure can! The UTTy can and has been used for hanging a vast number of other types of sports gear, camping equipment, skiing gear, fishing gear as well as applications such as out by the pool/lake/beach to hang wet towels and suits.  We like to say if you have stuff to hang and/or organize we have an UTTy for you.

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How much weight can my UTTy support?

A: The UTTy is designed to support 75 lbs total weight without risk of failure.  Each individual duel prong hook can support 16 lbs (8 lbs a prong).  In reality, The UTTy can probably support more without a negative impact but this is the design specification.  

What is your return policy?

A: The UTTy comes with a full 6 month return policy for any reason or no reason at all.  If you are not happy then we are not happy is our actual policy.